Cute Kitten: Top 10 cutest kittens!

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One thing’s as true as the sky is blue: kittens have a way of making you fall in love with them. With their furry little faces and innocent looks, we just can’t resist.

And while some may think that cats are plotting behind our backs to one day take over the world, as kittens they’re just too cute.

You can’t have enough. But what we love more than watching hilarious cat videos is looking at a collection of incredibly adorable kittens.

But beware, the cute kittens you’re about to see are sure to melt your heart! Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

This cute little kitten is cleaning her little paws

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Don’t tell me this kitten doesn’t turn you on! Caught grooming, or at least learning to groom, this kitten is doing everything she can to be as clean as possible. Surely to be even craftier afterwards.

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This cute kitty with big bright eyes

I do what Mom taught me. With her body flat on the ground, her ears flattened and her eyes wide open, this cute kitten is ready to pounce on her prey. Another bloodthirsty feline sure to rip his feather toy to shreds once it’s in his claws.

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Those baby tiger legs

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Time for a belly rub! This kitten is just waiting for his master to stroke his belly. And to do so, he has some formidable weapons at his disposal: a crunchy look in his eyes and little round paws raised as a sign of peace.

Posing for the perfect photo

Here’s a kitten we’re sure to love. He eats his little paw without taking his eyes off us.

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Isn’t he just the cutest kitten ever?

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I’m hiding, ready to pounce. This little kitten surely imagines herself in the middle of the jungle, ready to pounce on her wild prey. All this little kitten’s senses are on alert, so she doesn’t miss a thing you do.

This cute kitten snuggles up to a cuddly toy

Everyone has a cuddly toy, and kittens are no exception. This little ball of fur has probably just been born and has already adopted this little cuddly toy. A companion he’ll probably keep for the rest of his life.

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A little kitty that blends in perfectly with its surroundings

A kiwi? No, a cute little kitten. Be careful the next time you choose kiwifruit at the supermarket, you could be in for a nice surprise once you’ve unpacked your shopping. Here’s one who’s already mastered the art of camouflage.

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Perfectly wound

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The tender look on this little kitten’s face says it all. The many hours spent chasing the dog and climbing everywhere have certainly taken their toll on this cute kitten’s energy. All he wants to do is sleep warm and snug.

A truly perplexed kitten

Could you repeat the question? I’m sorry, but I didn’t understand the question. With her lost look, this little kitten is sure to make you fall in love. Admit it, you want to take him in your arms and comfort him.

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He may be small, but this pussycat is already “diabolical”.

This little kitten of the American Curl breed has all the makings of a little devil. A mischievous look and little curved ears that look like little horns. No doubt the curtains and sofa won’t last long under the onslaught of this little four-legged devil.

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We hope this top 10 has given you your dose of cuteness for today. We can’t wait to hear what you think of this top, which even the toughest of you will love.

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