What are the rules for owning a dog or cat?

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For many years now, human beings have been cohabiting with pets such as dogs and cats. These pets are usually adopted as adults or in infancy. Having a pet is an asset. However, it’s important to know a few rules before adopting. Did you know that there are rules to follow when adopting a dog or cat? In our article, discover all the rules you need to know before adopting a dog or cat.

dog or cat
What are the rules for owning a dog or cat? | Pawtounes

What you need to know about dogs!

The dog is a carnivorous mammal from the Canis lupus line of canids, whose main ancestor was the wolf. Its scientific name is Canis lupus familiaris. The term Familiaris precisely because it has been domesticated by humans for over 30,000 years. It comes from hybridization between breeds.

Pawtounes - Chats - Chatons - Animaux - Mignons - Marrants : What are the rules for owning a dog or cat?
What are the rules for owning a dog or cat? | Pawtounes

Dogs are considered one of the world’s favorite pets. However, there are a multitude of breeds, with a more or less common skeleton containing 300 bones. Dogs are digitigrades, and their paws rest on the ground only through their last phalanx, notably the third.

You should know that a dog’s life expectancy depends on the breed to which it belongs. Generally speaking, however, small dogs have a fairly long lifespan of between 15 and 20 years . Large dogs, on the other hand, don’t live as long, generally between 6 and 8 years.

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What you need to know about cats!

According to some studies, the domestic cat’s ancestor was the wildcat, etymologically named felis sivestris. Humans began domesticating cats between 8,000 and 10,000 years ago. More precisely, in the early years when cereal growing was in vogue. It was at this time that man really discovered the importance of having a cat, and it was particularly to get rid of rodents. Since then, the cat has become a true partner for man.

Pawtounes - Chats - Chatons - Animaux - Mignons - Marrants : What are the rules for owning a dog or cat?
What are the rules for owning a dog or cat? | Pawtounes

Cat refers to a small mammal with soft fur, bright eyes, triangular ears and retractable claws. The domestic cat is a carnivore from the felidae family. It is also one of the most important pets known today. However, it should be noted that there are a multitude of cat breeds throughout the world recognized by certification bodies.

Dog or cat: what are the rules?

Pawtounes - Chats - Chatons - Animaux - Mignons - Marrants : What are the rules for owning a dog or cat?
What are the rules for owning a dog or cat? | Pawtounes

Many households find it hard to make up their minds when it comes to adopting a pet. Cat or dog, which should you adopt and why? Before adopting, there are a number of rules to follow to ensure your pet flourishes. First of all, the law requires anyone purchasing a pet to sign a certificate. Once the certificate has been signed, here are the top 7 rules you need to follow.

1-Acquisition conditions

When you buy a pet, make sure it is at least 8 weeks old before you consider keeping it. It’s important to check, because before this age, the animal is still nursing and needs to be close to its mother.

If you’re thinking of adopting an animal for free, you’ll need to meet certain criteria, especially if the ad comes from the Internet.

In fact, before adopting a dog or cat, you need to check criteria such as age, breed and so on. You also need to find its identification number, as well as that of the female who gave birth to it.


Whenever an animal is sold or transferred free of charge, it’s important to carry out an identification procedure before parting with it for good. Identification means marking the animal with a tattoo or microchip. It registers your pet in the national pet register. Identification also enables an animal to be referenced by a unique number, with the name and address of its definitive owner.

The person in charge of pet identification is the veterinarian. This professional is also responsible for issuing a certificate to the new pet owner. When a veterinarian makes an identification, he or she must report it to ICAD within 8 days, so that an identification card can be issued to the owner.

3-Custody conditions

It’s important to note that when you decide to adopt an animal, it’s up to you to place it in conditions suitable for its survival. As far as these conditions are concerned, they refer to criteria linked to its species or breed, because every animal is delicate, and needs to be cared for.


To keep your pet healthy, you need to prepare a healthy, balanced meal every day. You also need to keep it hydrated with healthy water, renewed at every opportunity and protected from the freezing cold of winter.


Whether it’s a dog or a cat, for its well-being, it’s forbidden to shelter it in a place without ventilation and light. In an enclosure or kennel, it must be protected from all climatic variations. You’ll also need to keep the shelter clean and remove its droppings on a regular basis.

6-Travel conditions

When you go out in the car, make sure your pet has enough air to survive. To achieve this, you need a high-performance ventilation mechanism. Placing it in a trunk or parking your vehicle without checking that it has proper ventilation is strictly forbidden, as it could be dangerous.


The owner of an animal is responsible for all damage caused by the animal, whether or not it is in the owner’s possession at the time. That’s why it’s not a good idea to leave your pet unattended for long, as it can cause a lot of damage. An animal left alone for long periods of time is considered to be roaming or wandering. To keep damage caused by your dog or cat to a minimum, you should keep an eye on it regularly when you’re out and about in public.

Dogs and cats are much-loved by humans for the warmth and companionship they provide on a daily basis. However, to acquire them, you need to know how to take care of them and, above all, respect what the law says about them. You now have all the information you need to acquire your pet with complete peace of mind. Now it’s your turn!

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