Cat tree: How to choose? Why buy one?

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If you’re here, it’s because you’re wondering why you should buy a cat tree. So, to help you see things more clearly, let’s take a look at the good reasons for installing a cat tree in your home, and how to choose one. Discover the best value cat trees here!

A cat tree for your cat’s scratching needs

All cats, big and small, have a natural instinct to scratch. They will scratch a surface to spread their scent, stretch their muscles and remove the outer shell of their claws to sharpen them.

While outdoor cats prefer trees and fence posts, indoor cats will most likely turn to your sofa or one of your pieces of furniture to satisfy their urge to scratch. Place a cat tree near your cat’s favorite scratching spot and you’ll encourage him to get off the sofa and use this new accessory instead. You’ll be amazed at the results!

A cat tree is a climbing wall for sporty cats.

Cats are real athletes. Thanks to their muscular hind legs and strong backs, they can run like the wind, leap incredible heights and climb the tallest trees.

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To satisfy their climbing needs, indoor cats often transform curtains or screen doors into their own personal Everest. Give your adventurous kitty a cat tree to bring him back to earth.

A place to escape the hustle and bustle

Life in your home can be very stressful for your cat. Give your cat a special place to escape the chaos.

Most cat trees come with a comfortable hiding place to make your cat feel safe and secure. Leave his favorite blanket inside for added comfort.

A watchtower for cats

Cat tree - cat tree - cat

Cats love to sit up high so they can keep an eye on their surroundings. A large cat tree lets them observe what’s going on around the house, safe in the knowledge that they’re staying safe.

A play tower for felines

Cat trees are amazing vertical playgrounds, and even more so when there are several cats in the house. Be prepared for your cats to chase each other up and down the tree, fight from different platforms or play hide-and-seek in the shelters.

Once your cats have used up all their energy, they’re less likely to keep you up at night. And that’s something we all appreciate.

What criteria should I consider before buying a cat tree?

The number of cats in the house

Before choosing your cat tree, you need to think about the number of cats it’s intended for. If you live with several cats, they should have several corners to lie down in.

The place of the cat tree

Before you buy a cat tree, decide where you’re going to place it. This way, you’ll know the exact size of your cat tree.

What size?

Cat trees come in all sizes. From 35 cm to about 3 m. It’s best to choose a cat tree at least one meter high if your cat is young and fit. If your cat is older, a tree between 35 and 70 cm will suffice.

There are also cat trees that can be fixed to the ceiling or walls of the room. Cats really like this type because they are bigger.

Don’t forget that the tree must have several platforms at different heights. Your cat will prefer to perch on the highest one. Don’t buy a cat tree that’s taller than you are, or you’ll find it hard to catch your cat.

Beware of firmness

There are trees for heavy cats (weighing over 5 kg). Remember to choose a tree that’s right for your kitty’s size and firm enough for him, so he can do his stunts in complete safety.

Find the best cat tree

You need to observe your cat to know which tree is best for him. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where does my cat prefer to lie down?
  • Where does he sit when he’s finished eating?
  • What’s the maximum height it can perch?

The answers to these questions will help you find the best cat tree for you.

The tree should have several features: a soft, comfortable hiding place, ideally with a machine-washable covering, a few trays at your cat’s preferred height and a scratching post.

A cat tree must be comfortable. If after much research you find the ideal cat tree but it lacks comfort, you can always add a cushion to the hideaway. This will make it easier to wash.

How to get your cat interested in trees?

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If your cat likes catnip, don’t hesitate to put some on the trunk and at different levels of the tree to get her used to it. The aim is for your cat to spend as much time as possible recognizing it as its territory.

You can also place a few toys that your cat likes, to give it a sense of belonging.

Where to place the cat tree?

Don’t hesitate to place the cat tree in a room with lots of movement. The aim is for your cat not to feel isolated from the family. The best place to place the cat tree is near a window in an alley. This way, your cat will feel superior and will have a permanent distraction.

Where to buy a good cat tree?

You can find cat tree models in pet shops or garden centers. Don’t forget that online stores also offer a wide choice of options, sometimes at more attractive prices. For example, you’ll find a very wide choice on Amazon with these good-quality, low-price trees.

Any other questions? Please let us know in the comments, and we’ll be happy to reply!

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