Top 10 best positions for sleeping with your cat

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What’s the best position to sleep in with your cat?
It’s no secret that cats love to crawl into their master’s sheets. Indeed, the bed is a warm, cozy place that these little furry creatures love. Pleasing your little one by letting him sleep in your bed is one of the best ways to ensure his well-being and comfort on a daily basis.

What’s more, a cat ‘s purr is officially recognized for its soothing properties on humans. This is why many owners choose to sleep with their kitty in the bed. But what are the best positions for sleeping with your cat? Discover the 10 best positions for sleeping with your cat in this article.


This is one of the most common positions used by cats to sleep in bed with their owners. The asphyxia position, as its name suggests, is not a favorite among owners. In this position, the cat places itself on its owner’s face and settles comfortably to enjoy its sleep in bed. The owner has difficulty breathing in this position, hence the term “asphyxia”. The owner must of course maintain his position so that the cat can enjoy its sleep.

The octopus

For this position, the cat stands in the middle of the bed and spreads all its paws to form the letter X. He thus takes up all the space on the bed. The owner will be left with a small space on the edge of the bed for sleeping. This position, known as “the octopus”, allows the kitty to make the most of the bed without being disturbed by its owner.

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The c’est-qui-l’patron

Cats are known to be very temperamental towards their master. This position, as the name implies, “gives authority to the cat”. Here, the cat lies down on the bed’s two pillows and hogs them. The owner must therefore make do with the lower part of the bed. There’s plenty of room for him, but he won’t be able to lie down as he’d like.

The paralysis

In this position, the cat lies on its owner with its back against the owner’s thighs. The aim is to ensure the cat’s comfort in the bed. The owner must sit on the bed and let the cat settle on his legs. He can lean against the wall of the bed and ensure his comfort with one or two pillows.

The marriage counselor

This position is particularly well-suited to couple owners. Here, the cat settles comfortably in the middle of the marital bed like a baby. Both partners should lie on either side of the bed so as to cover the kitty. Cats therefore benefit from the protection and full attention of their owners.

The voyeur

This position is called “peeping tom” because the cat sits on the owner with its gaze fixed on him. In this position, the owner lies on the bed and covers himself with his sheet. As for the cat, it settles quietly on its master’s chest with its eyes fixed on the latter. Admittedly, this is a rather disconcerting position for the master. This is how the two companions will fall asleep.

The gift

This is one of the most unusual sleeping positions. Here, the owner sits correctly on the bed to sleep. As for the cat, he relieves himself in his master’s hand before going to sleep a little further away on the bed. Hence the term “gift”. Before going to sleep or while sleeping, the kitty will gladly deposit its waste (food scraps, excrement, etc.) in its master’s hand and, of course, in the bed. Cats are very temperamental and playful. In this position, he feels comfortable and makes the most of his bed.

The “c’est-qui-le-super-patron” (it’s-who’s-the-super-boss)

This position is reflected as the more advanced version of the “c’est-qui-l’patron” position. Here, the owner has absolutely no right to lie on the bed. The cat takes full possession of the bed. This means he can enjoy all the space at his disposal while he sleeps. The cat’s preferred sleeping posture is face down on the bed, with paws stretched out on either side. The master will have to sleep on the floor. Admittedly, this is an uncomfortable and unseemly position for the master. However, this may well be the sacrifice you have to make to please your kitty.

The minefield

This is one of the most common positions for sleeping with your cat. Here, the bed becomes a playground for the cat. While his master is trying to sleep, the cat will spend his time playing on the bed. He’ll bring along all his play accessories (food, dirt, toys, objects, etc.). The bed becomes a real mess, a mess in which the cat can find a cosy nest.

Jet lag

This is also one of the most common positions for sleeping with your cat. Here, the cat suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night and starts making noise and meowing at the top of his voice. The master is awakened by all this noise and can’t sleep through the night. Now that the cat’s sleeping time is over, his day begins.

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