Adopt a cat: 10 good reasons to do so

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From its scientific name Felis Catus, this feline is better known by its common name: the cat. After the dog, the cat is one of man’s most beloved pets. Why do you think he’s so loved and appreciated around the world? Still deciding whether to get a dog, cat, hamster or goldfish? In this article, discover the Top 10 reasons to have a cat!

having a cat
Adopt a cat: 10 good reasons to do so | Pawtounes

Thanks to their atypical character, cats have won the hearts of many people who can no longer do without them. It’s a discreet animal that looks harmless at first glance. However, don’t be fooled, because it can defend itself very well! Without further ado, let’s discover the 10 reasons why you should adopt a cat today!

This fur ball is so cool to the touch

That’s right!!! A cat’s coat is soft. The more you stroke him, the more he’ll want to stay close to you to prolong this moment he’s particularly fond of. But be sure to stroke in the right direction, i.e. from head to tail, not the other way round.

Minou is a lover of cleanliness

Let’s face it: don’t count on your cat to get your house dirty. He won’t. Cats love clean environments. You’ll hardly have to clean up his waste, which he takes care to dispose of in appropriate places.

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It’s not as expensive as its rival, the dog.

When you adopt a cat, you won’t spend as much as you would with a dog. This cuddly furball is easy to forget and not too demanding. What’s more, cats know how to take care of themselves.

Bye bye rodents!

Do you have rodents like mice in the house? Don’t panic! Your cat is sure to put an end to the circus organized by these impertinent thieves. He’ll rid you of these pests at the same time as he finds his meal. Don’t forget that it’s carnivorous! Mice are a good source of meat for your cat. This will save you money. Isn’t it magnificent? You might as well combine business with pleasure by adopting a cat.

He’s as dumb as a post!

Are you stressed? Sick? Busy with an important task that requires concentration? You can count on your cat to be as quiet and unobtrusive as possible. If you need to work with peace of mind, a cat is just the pet you need. A study shows that cats are, in order of priority, the quietest domestic mammals. These hairballs emit almost no sound. So you need to worry about them if they start screaming. It would probably be a call for help from your favorite companions.

Pawtounes - Chats - Chatons - Animaux - Mignons - Marrants : Adopt a cat: 10 good reasons to do so
Adopt a cat: 10 good reasons to do so | Pawtounes

The feline presence!!!

Although not physically imposing, the cat will make its presence felt when you need it most. Whether he’s slumped on your sofa or rolling over, he’ll draw all your attention to himself. It’s during these moments that you’ll realize that you’ve made a very good investment by adopting it. Your kitty will liven up your dealership to the delight of its inhabitants. However, if you feel like giving him a cuddle, go for it – he loves it!

The cat would be good for your health!!!

A study published in 2000, entitled “Animal therapy: magic or medicine” , demonstrated that cats are more than just placebos. They really soothe sick people who need it. Who would have thought that this discreet feline would go so far as to restore a taste for life to people in medical despair? For healthy people, the presence of a cat would also considerably reduce visits to the doctor. After hearing this reason, don’t you just want to adopt some for yourself or your loved ones?

Source of inspiration

Cats inevitably have powers that could be described as supernatural. In fact, if you watch your cat carefully, you’ll see that sometimes he’ll just stand there and watch you too. Don’t try too hard to find out why, because you’ll get the impression that he doesn’t give a damn about anything.

But if you imitate him, you’ll see that his attitude is very inspiring. So don’t hesitate to clear your head in this way from time to time. And who do we thank? Quite a cat, isn’t it?

What a beauty!!!

Let’s face it, cats are beautiful! Their silky, brightly colored coats and harmless looks make them beautiful animals to look at and touch. It’s quite a sight to watch them as they go about their daily tasks. There’s nothing like a cat as a pet.

What about the surprise?!!!

These fur balls definitely have all the rights and all the powers, including the ability to surprise you. They’ll surprise you with their attitude, their reactions, their moments of madness, their presence. Exceptional! Rarely has a pet captured the hearts of millions of people around the world the way the cat has. Still in doubt? Just look at the prominence given to them in TV shows, movies, or simply videos that are making the buzz on the web.

Cats have more advantages than you might think. Having a cat at home is a great idea for you and your children, even the youngest. Taking care of a cat will give them a sense of responsibility. However, the cat can also quickly become the ideal playmate for your children.

The cat can also become a sort of confidant for your child, to whom he can confide his secrets, his joys and his sorrows. Once you’ve discovered the benefits of this animal, there’s only one thing left to do: find a cat and adopt it! However, if you’re a gourmand, don’t hesitate to take several and don’t spoil your pleasure. Take care of them and they’ll take care of you!

Now that you know the importance of having a cat, all you have to do is think about which breed of cat to adopt. In this new article, discover cat breeds from A to Z!

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