Cat breeds from A to Z

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Cats are very common in French households, because as well as being excellent companions, they are tender and affectionate. However, it’s not always easy to determine the breed of your feline, is it? This is no easy task, as your cat may be the product of several crossbreeds or belong to a breed you don’t know. Before determining your cat’s breed, it’s first necessary to know cat breeds from A to Z.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the different cat breeds and their particularities. Finally, we’ll give you a few tips to help you easily determine your companion’s breed.

cat breeds
Cat breeds from A to Z | Pawtounes

What’s a cat breed?

When it comes to living with a cat, you have two options. Either opt for a ” mongrel ” cat, or choose a purebred cat with a pedigree issued by a recognized Livre des Origines. If you’re a cat lover or feline enthusiast, you’re bound to find something to suit your taste among the many breeds of cat available.

There are several criteria for distinguishing cat breeds. You’ll find long-haired, short-haired and large cats. Other cat breeds have a solid color, tabby or spotted, black, white or ginger, with a very feline look, massive or fine, …

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Faced with all these breeds, you don’t know how to choose your cat? Choosing a cat according to its breed will enable you to observe its physical appearance, which can prove decisive, and its price. Some cats are sold at a reasonable price, but others cost a fortune.

What questions should you ask yourself before choosing a breed of cat?

Before adopting a cat, do you have a multitude of questions? Would you like to know the particularities of a given cat according to its breed? Are you wondering what predispositions each cat breed has to certain pathologies? It’s only natural that you should ask yourself these questions.

Cats like the Maine Coon, the Norwegian Forest Cat and the Russian Blue are renowned for their robustness. On the other hand, others are delicate in terms of health. However, cats like Abyssinians, Exotic Shorthairs, Persians and Siamese are less resistant to certain diseases.

Other questions to ask yourself during the adoption process are: Will this cat get along well with children? Is it a solitary cat, independent or cuddly and close to its master? Will he be able to stay home alone all day when the whole family is away without risking depression or tearing the house apart? Is it more at home in apartments or open spaces? Can it live with other animals such as cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, etc.? ? Whatever the answers you’re given, choose a breed that’s sociable, playful and, above all, non-aggressive.

Each breed of cat has its own specific characteristics. However, lifestyle, environment, family composition and the character of the owner are all factors to be taken into consideration.

How do I choose a breed of cat?

If you want to find the ideal cat for you or your family, you need to consider these 3 main criteria: the cat’s physical appearance, its character and its maintenance.

The cat’s appearance

Cats are generally very cute and beautiful animals. However, there are no rules without exceptions. So, when choosing your kitty, pay attention to its size, the shape of its head, the length of its hair, the color of its eyes and so on. In short, choose a pussycat that appeals to you physically.

A cat’s character

Although clothes don’t make the man, physical appearance is not enough to find the cat of your dreams. To live in the right conditions, you need to choose a breed whose character and temperature match what you’re looking for.

Cat care

Whatever the breed, adopting a cat is a huge responsibility that requires a minimum of availability to take care of it. Some cat breeds require more care and attention than others. For example, long-haired cats need to be brushed regularly, unlike short-haired cats. So choose a breed of cat that fits not only your schedule, but also your habits and availability.

Discover the rules you need to know before adopting your new cat!

What are the most common cat breeds in France?

To find your ideal cat, you’ll need to search among the multitude of existing breeds. Are you looking for a calm, easy-going, non-invasive cat? Choose the Persian, Exotic Shorthair, Ragdoll or British Shorthair.

most common cat breeds in France
Cat breeds from A to Z | Pawtounes

However, for a family life, prefer an active, direct cat like the Maine Coon, Chartreux, Norwegian, Burmese Sacred or Turkish Agora. On the other hand, if you’re more interested in an active cat, opt for breeds like the Oriental, Siamese, Sphynx, Abyssinian, Somali and Bengal.

Some cat breeds based on behavior or appearance

Pawtounes - Chats - Chatons - Animaux - Mignons - Marrants : Cat breeds from A to Z
Cat breeds from A to Z | Pawtounes

Affectionate cats

Would you like to adopt a cat who loves to cuddle ? Choose from Siamese, Sphinx, Turkish Angora and Persian breeds. These hairballs are known for being very close to their master. You can choose one of these breeds to cheer you up or de-stress you.

Stirring cats

Do you want a cat with authority? We recommend one of the following breeds: Charteux, Abyssinian, Rex Devon. These are very active specimens, with energy to spare.

Noisy cats

The following breeds have noisiness in common: Maine Coon, Ragdoll, Van Turk, Egyptian Mau, Siamese. By adopting one of these breeds, you’ll sometimes feel like you have a dog at home.

Shorthair cats

This is the category with the largest number of breeds. These include the Russian Blue, German Rex, British Shorthair and others.

Long-haired cats

The Persian and Colourpoint breeds are the two representatives of the long-coated cat category.

Semi-long-coated cats

The Norwegian and Turkish Van are two breeds of cat with medium-length hair.

There are several criteria for choosing a cat, but the most important of all is breed, because cats differ from one breed to another. Depending on your budget and preferences, you’ll now know which breed of cat to adopt.

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