Your cat in good health: 10 signs that show!

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Healthy cat or not? Do you own a cat, kitten or several cats? As an owner, you need to worry regularly about your cat’s health and well-being. However, cats are very good at hiding their illness. He inherited this reflex from his wild ancestors, who were predators as well as prey. In those days, showing their weaknesses could jeopardize their survival. So, given cats’ secretive nature, how can you tell when your cat is ill? In this article, we’ll show you 10 signs that your cat is healthy.

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Your cat in good health: 10 signs that show! | Pawtounes

1. His weight is normal

The first sign of your cat’s good health is its body index. If his weight is stable, this means that his general condition is acceptable. Lack of appetite and bulimia are usually the first signs of an abnormality. What’s more, a cat in perfect health won’t drink too much water.

2. His coat is radiant

A cat’s coat is an essential factor to observe. If it’s neat, soft, silky, smooth and dandruff-free, it’s because this cat is perfectly fit. On the other hand, a dull, brittle coat is an immediate indication of a health problem.

3. His eyes are bright and clean

If your cat has bright, clean, shiny, luminous and dynamic eyes, you have nothing to worry about. However, if you notice a glassy, dull, sad look in his eyes, it’s likely that he’s ill.

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Pawtounes - Chats - Chatons - Animaux - Mignons - Marrants : Your cat in good health: 10 signs that show!
Your cat in good health: 10 signs that show! | Pawtounes

4. It releases energy

When a cat is full of vitality, vivacity and joie de vivre, it means it’s in perfect health. If he wants to play, that’s a very good sign. In addition, as he ages, he may lose certain notions. This is perfectly normal, so you don’t need to worry about it. However, if he’s still curious and ready for a hunt or two, you’ll be delighted by his vitality!

5. He has clean ears

Highly exposed, your tomcat’s ears can be affected by a number of diseases. You’ll see scabies, otitis and many other infections. If your pet’s ears are clean and free of odors and earwax, he’s doing well.

6. Constant bowel movements

A regular glance at your tomcat’s litter box can tell you a lot about his state of health. The stools of a cat in good shape are firm, brown and well-formed. However, a change in the color and consistency of his stools should alert you. Urine should be clear and yellowish. If you notice traces of blood in your pet’s detritus or urine, go and see a vet as soon as possible.

7. His behavior hasn’t changed

Generally speaking, your kitty’s behavior is a sign of good health. When he’s healthy, your cat will establish a relationship of trust with you, which translates into signs such as playing, cuddling, talking, meowing, etc. If he doesn’t change his behaviour, then everything’s going perfectly!

Behavior can determine whether a cat is independent or wild. However, if your kitty suddenly changes his behavior, or displays unusual behavior, it’s because he’s hiding an illness or trauma. In this case, you need to be concerned.

8. He has pink gums

Just as in humans, oral health is also very important in cats. A sure sign of your pet’s health is the color of its gums, which should normally be pink. If they are pale or blue, this may be a sign that the cat is not doing well.

In addition, good breath, clean teeth, attractive gums and healthy lips are signs of your cat’s general good health. However, if your cat’s teeth are covered with plaque or tartar, brushing will help.

9. He has a clean muzzle

Just like eyes and ears, a cat’s muzzle can be used to determine its state of health. So, if he’s in good health, his muzzle should be free of undesirable elements such as secretions or scabs. On the other hand, if his muzzle is damaged with open wounds, your cat may have a health problem.

10. He takes care of his own grooming

If your cat spends a lot of time grooming itself every day, it’s a healthy occupation that reveals its perfect state of health. After all, a cat is an animal characterized by its cleanliness. In fact, grooming is a sacred moment for him. A cat that spends time on personal hygiene is in good health. However, if your cat stops grooming or changes its behavior by licking itself excessively, this may indicate a health problem.

After analyzing these 10 signs, you’ll be able to determine whether your cat is in perfect health or not. If not, don’t hesitate to take him to a vet for a more thorough diagnosis. In the event of illness, the veterinarian is the professional who will not only diagnose your cat, but also prescribe the medication that will help it get better. The faster you act, the greater the chances of survival. In fact, it’s important to note that there are many cat diseases, but above all diseases that could cost your cat its life. Find out about the different health problems cats face and how to treat them.

Illness aside, if you’d like your cat to be well, take good care of him or her. As the cat’s owner, you need to take its diet and hygiene very seriously.

Healthy cat or not? We hope you do!

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