Why does my cat follow me everywhere? We’ll explain!

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Why does my cat follow me everywhere?

When we go to the bathroom, we like privacy. However, if we have a pet, it’s sometimes a bit complicated.

It’s probably already happened to you. You get up to get something from the kitchen and your cat follows. You’re taking a bath and your cat is there, watching you. Sometimes you go to the bathroom and your cat wants to come in. But why does your cat follow you everywhere, even to the toilet? There are many reasons for this persecution.

Your cat following you into the bathroom and sneaking in while you’re there can be embarrassing or funny. Having two eyes watching us while we relieve ourselves is generally not the most ideal situation.

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However, sometimes your cat will follow you into the bathroom and completely ignore you when you enter. So why is he coming after you?

As you’ll see below, there can be many reasons for this.

He wants your company

Cats enjoy human company as long as they decide when to have them.

Maybe your cat follows you around the house because you spend a lot of time away from home, and your pet misses you and enjoys your company.

It can also happen that you’re in the middle of a petting session with your cat and you’ve interrupted it to go to the toilet. It’s normal for your cat to follow you if he wants you to continue pampering him.

Your cat takes care of you

Not all cats are independent and cantankerous. There are those who are affectionate and there are those who are very affectionate.

Indeed, within the latter group, there may be felines who enjoy the company of their favorite human so much that they find it hard to part from them for a second, and follow them everywhere.

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He wants to drink

Felines hate stagnant, dirty water. As a result, when offered in a bowl, your cat may not drink the water or may prefer to drink from fountains or taps.

If your cat follows you to the bathroom and when you turn on the water in the sink or shower, he’s ready to drink, it’s because he likes the fresh, moving water that comes out.

Be careful if this happens, as it means that the water in his bowl is not appetizing. This may be for a number of reasons:

  • it’s hot
  • it’s dirty
  • the trough is dirty or smells bad
  • the water bowl is not suitable for your cat (uncomfortable, too high, too deep, etc.).

He wants to have fun

The bathroom is an area of the house with objects that are completely different from those usually found in the rest of the house. A paradise for cats!

Soap and cream pots that can fall over, shower curtains or floor mats that are worth scratching with claws.

For this reason, it’s normal for your cat to take advantage of every time you come in to sneak around and investigate a little. Especially if this door is usually closed.


The problem comes when the affection and pleasure of your company turns into hyperattachment, which is why your feline won’t separate from you even when you go to the toilet.

This is a problem, because over-attachment can lead to separation anxiety every time you have to leave your cat at home.

If you think this is why your cat is chasing you, don’t hesitate to consult a feline behavior specialist.

He thinks you’re his parent

If your cat was separated from its mother shortly after birth and you were responsible for feeding and caring for it, it’s normal for it to think of you as its parent – or maybe not so much, but as someone it can trust and learn from.

Feline cubs spend the first few weeks of their lives following their mothers around, and thanks to this, they begin a period as important in their lives as socialization.

Your cat is looking for cool surfaces to sleep on

The bathroom is one of the coolest rooms in the house. Moreover, one of the strangest behaviors of cats is to sleep in the sink when it’s very hot, as the cold surface helps them cool their bodies.

So if your cat follows you into the bathroom, it may be trying to escape the high temperatures.

He’s afraid

When a feline is frightened, it seeks a refuge where it feels calm. This refuge can be the bathroom, which is why it will sneak up on you when you enter.

However, it can also happen that your cat follows you to the toilet when she’s scared because you’re her favorite person and she feels calmer if you’re around.

The cat has a need

If your pet lacks something to be happy, it’s likely that he’ll demand it by chasing you. In this case, we’re talking about following you to the toilet, but he can do it all over the house until you meet that need.

Did you feed him? Does it have water? Is his litter box clean? Have you played with him recently? See if your cat needs anything.

Now you know why your cat may follow you everywhere, including the toilet. As you can see, he’s not doing it out of malice, but simply because he has something to tell you!

Why does my cat follow me everywhere?

Any other questions? Please let us know in the comments, and we’ll be happy to reply!

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