Top 21 cats who ruined photos with their hilarious photobombing

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Discover the top 21 photobombing cats! These adorable pets can quickly turn a photo shoot into a hilarious moment. Check out these incredible images of cats who’ve managed to ruin their owners’ photos. Have fun with these kings of teasing and photo-destroying.

The cat behind the baby

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Babies aren’t the only ones who like to take pictures of themselves. But when there’s a photobombing king around, the photo shoot is far from perfect. Here’s an image of a cat playing dead behind a baby who was posing for a photo.

The teasing cat

21 Trends - The teasing cat

Yes, when it comes to teasing, cats are masters, especially when it comes to teasing each other. In this image, a cat shows its face in the capture field without permission, while its counterpart wants to take a photo of itself.

The cat behind the curtain

21 Trends - The cat behind the curtain

Cats are kings of discretion. And when they are introduced to photobombimg, they become gods in the matter. This image shows a cat poking its head out from under a curtain and behind a sunflower flowerpot just as its owner wanted to take a photo of the flowerpot.

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The cat and his mistress

21 Trends - The cat and his mistress

Cats love to play and tease their owners. Here’s a cat pointing its mouth right at the camera while its mistress is in the middle of a photo shoot.

The cat in the window

21 Trends - The cat in the window

Seeing that his master was getting ready to take a photo of himself, here’s a cat adept at photobombing who will stick himself to the window pane behind his master to appear in the photo.

The cat and the dog

21 Trends - The cat and the dog

If you think cats can’t tease dogs, think again. Here’s a cat who’s an undisputed master of photobombing, showing only his ears behind the sofa while his buddy the dog has his photo taken. Just to say “I’m here”.

The jealous cat

21 Trends - The jealous cat

Cats have feelings if you don’t know it, and can also be very jealous of each other. Here’s one who shows his jealousy through the art of messing up photos. In fact, while a couple of cats playing at love wanted to have their picture taken, a photobombing king got in front of the camera lens to spoil everything.

The discreet cat

21 Trends - The discreet cat

When you get the urge to do some posing, make sure your cat isn’t around, otherwise you’ll never win. Here’s the proof with this phoobombing king who, unbeknownst to his mistress, magically finds himself in her photo.

The cat in selfie mode

21 Trends - Chat in selfie mode

Cats who have been initiated into photobombing also love to take photos of themselves in selfie mode. Here’s the proof with this cat who finds himself with his master just when the latter wants to indulge himself with a photo pose in selfie mode.

The jumping cat

21 Trends - The jumping cat

Before taking a family photo while you’re at the table, invite your cat to join the family. Otherwise, he’ll manage to get himself in the photo against your wishes. Here’s one who jumps at another to appear in an uninvited family photo.

The cat under the bookcase

21 Trends - The cat under the bookcase

A photobombing cat will go to any length to ruin a photo pose. To appear in the photo of a pretty little girl, he hid under the bookcase just behind the smiling girl.

Photos between friends without the cat!

21 Trends - Photos between friends without the cat!

A photo with friends at home without your photobombing cat… it’s not easy. He’ll manage to find himself in the photo like this one who’s in the next room, but in a photo taken with friends.

Cats and dogs

21 Trends - Cats and dogs

It’s not easy to strike a photo pose when you live with a team of photobombing cats. This dog thought he was having his photo taken alone, but his two cat friends didn’t. To appear in his photo, they lifted their heads slightly behind him on a sofa.

The cat and the tree

21 Trends - The cat and the tree

Never take a photo of your Christmas tree on Christmas Day without your cat’s permission, especially if your cat has been introduced to photobombing. Here’s the proof, with this ball of fur appearing out of nowhere right in front of the tree, just as the photographer was doing his job.

The cat in the wedding

21 Trends - The wedding cat

If your cat is a photobombing king, find something for him to do before thinking about a photo pose on your wedding day, otherwise he’ll invite himself there without your consent like this one.

The cat on the stairs

21 Trends - The cat on the stairs

Striking a photo pose alone on the stairs is a great way to relax. But doing it without your cat is a bad idea if your cat is a photobombing enthusiast. He’ll spare no effort to end up in your photo on stairs like this one.

The cat in the garden

21 Trends - The cat in the garden

You know better than anyone that cats love to relax in the garden. But why would you want to pose in the garden without him when you know he’s the king of photobombing? Anything but, or here’s what it looks like.

The cat and the lovers

21 Trends - The cat and the lovers

Here’s a cat adept at photobombing who discreetly found himself in a photo of two lovers kissing.

Cat lovers

21 Trends - Cats in love

If you’ve got a couple of cats who are into photobombing, don’t act like lovebirds in front of them. They won’t hesitate to imitate you and invite themselves into your romantic photos, like this couple.

The dancing cat

21 Trends - The dancing cat

It’s very rare to see a cat dancing. But when it comes to a photobombing king cat, don’t be surprised to see him in one of your photos taken during a dance session like this one.

The sporting cat

21 Trends - The sports cat

Photobombing cats also like to play sports when it comes to inviting themselves into your gym photos. They become sportsmen like this one.


In conclusion, cats are endearing pets, full of surprises, especially when introduced to photobombing. The 21 photos presented in this article are proof of this, with mischievous, playful felines who playfully intrude on their owners’ photo shoots. Whether you’re a cat lover or just looking for a dose of good humor, these images are sure to put a smile on your face. Cats are definitely kings in this respect!

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