Top 14 proof that Huskies are the dumbest dogs!

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The Siberian Husky or simply Husky is a breed of dog native to eastern Siberia, where it is traditionally bred as a carriage dog.

They may be incredible life-savers, the best in the snow, have gorgeous coats and are super adorable… They’re still the dumbest dogs on earth.

1. They are totally incapable of opening a door…

1. They are totally incapable of opening a door... - 21 trends
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2. Softness and Husky don’t always go together

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3. Even asleep, they’re far from cute!

4. They never laugh at your jokes

4. They never laugh at your jokes - 21 trends
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5. Absolutely… never!

5. Absolutely... never! - 21 trends
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6. You can’t get on TV without your Husky looking like an idiot!

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7. Discreet? Did you say discreet?

7. Discreet? Did you say discreet? - 21 trends
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8. Husky, the photobombing pro!

9. But when you want to photograph a Husky, it’s a different story…

10. Apparently they don’t see each other!

As we said, they’re adorable, but they’re real kings when it comes to messing around and looking like idiots… But we love them!

11. Husky submersibles!

We invite you to discover this first Husky underwater! Simply brilliant!

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11. Husky submersibles! - 21 trends

12. They’re always looking for attention

Didn’t you know about this famous Fiberian Hufky? Dedicated and serious protector guaranteed!

13. Don’t rely on a Husky to protect your home

Your janitor loses all credibility with such an adorable face! It would be best to install an alarm, as you never know that this Husky might prefer to play with people who break into your home!

14. Don’t count on your Husky to wake you up gently either!

Surprise! This Husky is great for waking up and getting ready fast! Yes, you’ll wake up with the fright of your life, but look on the bright side: there’s no need for coffee!

Husky dogs are the most incredible dogs on the planet!

For us, Husky is life! If you’re a fan too, share your best photos with us in the comments!

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