Top 10 silly cats

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Cats are no slouches when it comes to mischief. The proof is in our top 10 of the best cat mischief. You may recognize your fur ball’s actions, and that’s not surprising.

Let me in! Let me in!

T'es pas un chat - Cat nonsense - Cat at the window

This cat is obviously eager to go home. A dog chases him, it’s time to eat or a spider bite turns him into a spidercat, go figure. One thing’s for sure, though, this cat’s in a real hurry to get home.

I can’t get down

T'es pas un chat - Cat nonsense - Cat climbing a facade

It’s a well-known fact that cats love to climb everywhere. But this one had a funny idea about climbing on the wall. Now he’s stuck and can’t get down. But luckily, his master is there to help him out.

The cat’s revenge

T'es pas un chat - Cat nonsense - Cat fights with dog

When you’re there, everything goes smoothly between your cat and dog. But do you think it’s the same when you’re away? This photo shows the animosity that can reign between a dog and a cat, but here it’s clearly the cat who has won. Perhaps a long-planned and meticulously thought-out revenge.

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Sauve qui peut !!!

T'es pas un chat - Cat nonsense - Cat chased by a cow

The farmer who captured this shot must have been laughing. Cats are notoriously provocative, but this one was bold enough to take on a cow 100 times his size.

Attempted murder

T'es pas un chat - Cat nonsense - Cat strangling another cat

Minouche was caught in the act of attempting to kill her fellow human. The look on this cat’s face says a lot about his somewhat Machiavellian intentions. The poor cat below has certainly seen its life flash by.

Misuse of the toy

T'es pas un chat - Cat nonsense - Cat's head stuck in a toy

We all know that cats are very playful, but sometimes they don’t fully master how to use them. This cat came to her mistress for help in removing the toy.

Hide-and-seek gone wrong

T'es pas un chat - Cat nonsense - Cat stuck on coat hangers

In his quest for ever more sophisticated hiding places, this cat got stuck in the coat hangers. How he got here, only he knows. In any case, he’s counting on his master to get him out of this predicament.

It’s us, it’s the dog!

T'es pas un chat - Cat nonsense - cats who shredded toilet paper

Every cat owner has experienced shredded toilet paper at least once in their life. But these two don’t seem to mind. Caught in the middle of a toilet paper fight, these two cats adopt the “it’s not me, it’s the dog” tactic. We doubt it worked.

Shinning cat version

T'es pas un chat - Cat nonsense - Cat from the shinning - He imitates the scene from the film by going through the door.

You see your cat as gentle, affectionate and full of tenderness. But do you know that in a split second, it can turn into an evil being? You didn’t see it coming, and then one day it uses a hole in the door to give you the scare of your life.

An incongruous position – One of the most common cat mistakes!

T'es pas un chat - Cat nonsense - Cat in an incongruous and uncomfortable position

True contortionists, cats are champions at adopting sometimes bizarre positions. He, for example, proves this by finding himself in a funny position despite himself. not sure this cat finds it so funny…

What kind of mischief does your cat often get into? Even if you’re quick to overlook his nonsense, he’s got to have a few good ones, right?

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