Top 10 cutest puppies

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There’s no doubt that puppies are adorable, and while they’re all cute in their own way, there are some puppy breeds that hold the top spot.

To find out more about the ten cutest puppy breeds of all, be sure to read on, so you can make the right decision the next time you’re in the process of choosing a puppy.

Here are the top 10 cutest puppies in the world.


Saint Bernard puppy - cutest puppies

While the Saint Bernard’s adult size may frighten some, those who live in areas where they can provide their Saint Bernard with space to run and play love the company of a Saint Bernard puppy. They may seem scary to those who only know the adult version of the Saint Bernard, but they’re generally harmless and you’ll have lots of fun with them.

Jack Russell

Jack Russel puppy - cutest puppies

For families looking for a puppy, the Jack Russell Terrier is one of the cutest puppies to buy. These are small dogs that can live in a small apartment without creating havoc, and their cheerful, loving disposition makes them one of the most adorable breeds known to man. By adopting a Jack Russell at a young age, you have the chance to shape a companion who will become your best friend for years to come.

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Dalmatian puppy - cutest puppies

These dogs can’t be left out of the cutest puppy breeds, as they’re one of the first breeds most of us were introduced to, thanks to the classic Disney film 101 Dalmatians. Children everywhere have been asking their parents for a Dalmatian for years, and how can you blame them? Their unique spots set them apart from all other puppies and make them one of the cutest breeds of all.


Pomeranian puppy - cutest puppies

The Pomeranian look like something out of a cartoon, which makes them almost too cute. The Pomeranian puppy exudes an insane level of kindness in a very small body. Although still very adorable as an adult, there are few pleasures in life that can match the sight of a Pomeranian puppy. They’re among the cutest possible creatures you’ll ever see in your life, and if you’re looking for a puppy for your children, there are few breeds that will offer this level of “cuteness”.


Samoyed puppy - cutest puppies
Top 10 cutest puppies | Pawtounes

The Samoyed breed has one of the most adorable looks of all puppy breeds. They look like the animals we used to see in fairy tales when we were little. Samoyed puppies look like little snowballs, and their long hair makes them great fun to cuddle. They have a friendly disposition that makes for great company, and while they were once used to pull sledges in their native Siberia, those days are long gone.


Beagle puppy - cutest puppies

The beagle puppy allows pet owners to enjoy the best of dogs, because they’re beautiful and intelligent. No animal lover in the world can look into the eyes of a Beagle puppy without melting, and they’ll do everything in their power to make their owners happy. It’s impossible to resist a Beagle puppy, and we don’t know why anyone would try.

Golden retriever

Golden retriever puppy - cutest puppies

For the vast majority of the population, the golden retriever is one of the first puppies they have ever known. This is a puppy breed loved by owners who can’t get enough of their soft fur, manageable size and adorable pouts. The fact that they’re so clumsy only adds to how endearing they are, and watching them fumble will make you laugh at them in spite of yourself.

Shar Pei

Shar pei puppy - cutest puppies

As one of the most distinctive puppy breeds, the Shar Pei is one of the dogs most often mentioned when talking about the cutest puppy breeds. While the adult version of the Shar Pei is adorable enough, the puppy-sized Shar Pei is enough to drive any animal lover crazy. Their particularly adorable appearance makes them incredibly popular, and for good reason.


Pug puppy - cutest puppies

The whole world seems to have gone pug-crazy, and rightly so. After all, how could anyone say no to that pretty little face? And it’s all the more true that the Pug retains its adorable look even into adulthood. As a result, they have become the most accepted puppy breed for people who enjoy the company of a small dog.


Dachshund puppy - cutest puppies

This long-bodied, low-slung breed has its admirers and detractors, but how could you not fall in love with the look on this puppy’s face? They definitely stand out from other dogs, and their puppy bodies don’t take on the same elongated shape as their adult counterparts until they’re much older. If you’re the kind of person who could never see yourself owning a dachshund, it’s probably because you never met one as a puppy.

This article has certainly brought a little sweetness to your day. What type of puppy do you like best? Do you know the breeds of the world’s most expensive dogs?

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