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There are between 44 and 48 recognized cat breeds worldwide. So we’ve taken on the monumental task of deciding which ones make it into our top 10 pedigree cats. Every year, more and more breeds are recognized, but these are among the most popular cat breeds in the world.

By the way, we’re still waiting for cheetahs to be recognized as domestic cats.

And how would you classify these cat breeds? Who wins this competition for the most beautiful pedigree cat? You are the guest judge. Discover our top 10 pedigree cats.

1. Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is an adorable breed with an eccentric genetic mutation from which it takes its name. This beautiful gray-haired pedigree cat has folded ears.

Scottish fold - pedigree cats
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Despite their unique appearance, this physical feature is not without its drawbacks. These cats generally suffer from some degree of osteochondrodysplasia, a bone and connective tissue disease.

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As with many mutations that make cats “cute” that have been developed and perfected by man, playing with nature has unfortunately come at a cost for this breed.

2. Siberian cat

Siberian cat - pedigree cats
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Siberian cats are totally mesmerizing. Silky, long, glossy hair – that’s what characterizes this breed of cat. Siberian cats are indeed incredible cats. They’re undeniably cuddly, as they could purr for hours if you brush them.

3. Bengal

These cats are ready for action in no time, and will pounce before you can even begin to prepare. They’re extremely intelligent and love to hunt, so expect more than a bird or two as a gift from this superb pedigree cat. But Bengals are among the most popular of pedigree cats, and that’s not about to change. The proof is in the form of the magnificent Bengal cat Thor.

Bengal cat - pedigree cats
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4. Ragdoll

Ragdoll cats - pedigree cats
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These cats are aptly named. Unlike many felines that will react quite badly to being handled, this breed is unusually docile, known to be considered similar to temperamental dogs. The Ragdoll is an incredible breed of cat. And that’s without taking into account her incredible beauty and captivating azure-blue eyes.

5. Siamese

Siamese cat - pedigree cats
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Siamese cats were one of the first officially recognized Asian breeds. In fact, it’s one of the oldest cat breeds overall.

Even more interestingly, their markings and coat color are determined not only by genetics, but by the weather in the region where they were born.

6. Himalayan cat

Himalayan cats are well known for their appearance and their devotion to the family member they consider dominant.

Himalayan cat - pedigree cats

They’re calm and relaxed, much more likely to be lazing in the sun than chasing mice. These pedigree cats are also very handsome, with wispy mid-length hair, a beige coat and a dark mask on the face.

7. Burmese Sacred Cat

With its majestic appearance and adorable character, the sacred cat of Burma is sure to delight cat lovers. Affectionate and docile, this pedigree cat loves to spend time with its owner. But be prepared for unbridled energy from the moment you take them home to the day they leave you.

Sacred Burmese Cat - pedigree cats
Source – Wikipedia

8. Maine Coon

Maine Coon cat - pedigree cats
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These cats can’t be house cats… Someone brought home a baby lynx and tried to make us think it was a cat! Maine Coons are known for their striking looks and massive size. The largest cats can reach 9 kilos for a male and 6 kilos for a female.

9. Manx

Manx cat - pedigree cats
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If you’re about to grab your pitchfork and scream about animal cruelty, relax! The Manx’s unique tailless look is a genetic mutation, not the whim of a malicious breeder. What’s more, with their longer-than-average legs, they are extremely adept hunters and much sought-after by sportsmen and women for this purpose. If you want quail for dinner every day, this could be the cat breed for you.

10. American curl

American curl - pedigree cats
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This cat breed is the best that North America has to offer in terms of domestic cats. American Curl cats are a unique breed of cat.

In fact, they are quite small, but they have curved ears, a change that occurs within a week of birth, which gives them their name.

Which breed of cat do you love? Don’t hesitate to share with us in the comments the breed of cat you own or dream of owning one day.

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