How do you choose a good name for your cat?

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Choosing a name for your cat remains a complex choice for many new cat owners. While some people try to be as original as possible, others can spend hours before coming up with a good name. How do you choose the right name for your cat? When choosing a name, it’s important that it reflects your personality. However, you need to find a name to which it can respond. Here are a few tips to help you find the right name for your cat.

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What should I bear in mind when choosing a name for my cat?

Firstly, you should note that a cat’s name needs to be fairly original. It is therefore preferable for the name to have a maximum of two syllables. Just like dogs, cats have trouble pinpointing a name that’s too long. As well as being short, your little feline’s name should be easy for your pet to hear and understand.

Cats are very sensitive to high-pitched sounds and notes. A name ending in an “i”, for example, will be much appreciated and heard by your little furball. In addition, you need to find a name that appeals to you and is easy to remember. Once you’ve chosen a name for your cat, it’ll be hard to change. So before you start naming your cat, you need to be sure you’re making the right choice. To help you make your selection, here are the search criteria on which you should base your preferences:

  • The first letter
  • The theme
  • The sex of the animal
  • His behavior
  • Physical appearance
  • His habits
  • His reactions

You also have the “culture” option. Look in your library, recall your history classes or simply opt for the name of a personality you admire. You could, for example, choose the name of a writer, a great man, a singer or an actor. However, if your cat is registered in the Livre des Origines Félines (LOOF), certain rules will apply to its name. You must follow the rule of the first letter officially attributed to the year of birth.

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How do you choose a cat’s name?

Choosing a name for your feline is a very important criterion. Just like your child’s name, your cat’s name will have an impact on its personality. Choose short nouns ending in a vowel. You should also avoid offensive or problematic names. Don’t forget you’ll be called upon to pronounce this name in public hahaha! So ideally, we’d like to find an easy, practical name. However, you’re entitled to your preferences, but there’s no need to add to them. Choosing a name is all very well, but think of your cat’s safety first!

How do you get your cat to recognize its name?

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Once you’ve chosen your cat’s name, it’s important that he recognizes it. The cat can recognize its name, but it takes a few weeks at most to memorize it.

Getting your kitty to remember his name requires technique. Step 1, this name must be pronounced regularly. So every time you share a moment with your cat, you’ll have to call her. Owners who play regularly with their little companions considerably shorten their memorization time.

However, it is essential to always use the same name. If you use different nicknames to call your cat, you’re bound to fail. This tiny animal will simply be “lost” and will retain absolutely nothing! Too bad, isn’t it?

You’re probably wondering, well, why should I even bother finding a name for my cat? Is this really necessary? We’ve got your back!

Why do you need to give your cat a name?

Naming your cat means identifying it. Cat identification is a document that establishes an official link between the animal and its owner. It provides protection in the event of loss or runaway, so you can find your cat more quickly. This document has many advantages. It is an effective tool in the fight against animal theft and trafficking.

What’s more, your cat’s identification will facilitate all administrative procedures and help you avoid numerous disputes. It will also enable you to stay in places where your cat’s identification may be required. These are places such as campsites, guesthouses, vacation centers and others. What’s more, your cat’s identification will enable you to travel outside France in complete safety. Finally, identification is a compulsory document for your vet to issue your cat’s European passport.

Now that you know the importance of naming your cat and the importance of identification, all you need to know is how to get your cat identified, right?

How to identify your cat?

Identifying your cat is a process that requires the intervention of a professional such as a veterinarian. This professional is the only one authorized to insert a microchip the size of a grain of rice, injected under the skin of your cat if it is not identified.

Identification can be carried out at the time of your cat’s first visit to the vet for a check-up. Or when setting up a vaccination protocol. The veterinarian fills in an identification file in the Fichier National I-CAD. In this file, information about your cat, such as name, age, characteristics, breed, etc., as well as your contact details, will be recorded.

Identification can be carried out by two methods by qualified professionals: microchipping and dermograph tattooing. The tattoo requires anesthesia and can fade over time. However, if your cat is already tattooed, you can also have it identified by microchip.

In short, a cat’s name is an important criterion, as it defines its personality. However, to give your cat a name, you need to take into account the various factors mentioned above. With these tips, finding a name for your cat will become easier and easier.

Have you already found the right name for your cat? In this other article, discover how to introduce a new cat without conflict.

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