Animal antics: Top 20 – antics of our furry friends.

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Discover the silliness (pet silliness) and unusual behavior of our favorite pets in this series of hilarious photos. Dogs, cats and parrots caught in the act of mischief, amusing situations or adorable facial expressions, captured by their owners. From a Mojito mint stuck in a dog’s basket, to the mystery of a store toilet paper rush, to animals seemingly playing “The floor is lava” challenge, this compilation of images is a real treat for fans of animal humor. Be entertained by the antics of our four-legged friends and share this gallery with your friends and family.

Animal mischief

Who hasn’t seen their dog, cat or parrot behaving strangely or getting into mischief? These animals were captured at the right time by their owners. But how can you blame them with their adorable faces?

1. Much stronger than your plaster for my paws!

2. No, I haven’t done anything! Look how adorable I am!

3. The floor is lava! #challenge

4. The cushion attacked me! I had to defend myself and I’m still here!

5. That’s for me! To take back is to steal!

6. No, it’s not me! I won’t look at you!

7. A word of advice: Don’t watch Twilight with your pets!

8. My human planted his Mojito mint in my basket! He really doesn’t get it!

9. Too many Spiderman reboots in recent years. . .

10. My human says I have bad breath. . .

11. When she tells you everything’s fine!

12. Chat buzz or what?

13. Let me explain! It’s the cat. . .

14. Every time I have to take the dust! I ral-la croquette!

15. I’m ready for the prom!

16. Hi there! Does it wax?!

17. The mystery of the toilet paper rush is finally explained!

18. It’s best to disconnect from Twitter while you’re drinking your coffee!

19. I’ve started teleworking too!

20. No cutlery! And above all, without cutting them!

In conclusion, pets are full of surprises, surprises and fun behaviors. Pet owners were lucky enough to capture these unexpected moments in pictures for our enjoyment. This compilation of photos is a reminder of the joy and lightness that our four-legged friends can bring to our daily lives. They make us laugh, surprise and amaze us every day. We hope this picture gallery has made you smile and entertained you as much as it has entertained us in creating it. Don’t hesitate to share these photos with your friends and family to put a smile on their faces too.

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